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Discover Donna Wright Designs: My Story

I'm Donna Wright, a residential real estate agent with experience in accounting and finance. I had the pleasure of working with a builder and an architect through my real estate firm, which allowed me to gather important knowledge about designing a home. I enjoy spending time with my four children, three grandchildren, and three cherished (if occasionally naughty) dogs beyond all else. I enjoy making scrumptious meals and taking care of my garden in my spare time.

Starting the Business together: Mother and Daughter

Several years ago, my youngest daughter while a junior in high school was diagnosed with bone cancer.  We spent almost an entire year fighting for her life while going through extensive chemotherapy and numerous surgeries.  But while we were going through this terrible time, the bond between mother and daughter grew and we knew when Claire was well that we wanted to start a business and do something we both enjoyed together.  Donna Wright Designs was started with a focus on making beautiful candles that were sustainably sourced.  We decided to handcraft beautiful candles that weren’t just in a pretty box, one that would be thrown away after opening.  We wanted the decorative part to stay with the candle itself and that’s exactly what we designed.  Claire is now finishing college and we continue to be close and spend our time together making candles, and have big plans to add to our line of product offerings in the future!

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The Inspiration For Our Line Of Products

Our products are deeply inspired by the charm of my beautifully rebuilt farmhouse, originally constructed in the 1930s. Located in the vibrant Houston Heights area, known for its artistic atmosphere and walkable streets, I draw inspiration from the French farmhouse aesthetic. Immerse yourself in the local art shows, farmer's markets, trendy shops, and delightful restaurants surrounding the company.

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What Makes Our Candles Different

We value beautiful design, exceptional ingredients, and lavish fragrances. We stand out with my commitment to using all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly materials. With Donna Wright Designs, you can indulge in exquisite products that not only elevate your senses, but also prioritize sustainability and the well-being of our planet.

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