What Makes Us Special?

Explore The Fragrance

We handcraft richly scented candles with wooden wicks at Donna Wright Designs, using quality all-natural fragrance and essential oils. Our fragrance combinations offer holistic aromatherapy while soothing the mind and uplifting the spirit. In addition, these fragrances positively influence mood, improve mental clarity, and even have healing effects, such as easing headaches and relieving breathing issues.

With romantic combinations like French Rose & Evergreen, Lavender & Fleur de Sel, Seville Orange &  Wild Juniper and Eucalyptus & Garden Mint, our richly scented candles enhance your home with transcendent aromatic & physical beauty.  Furthermore, they create a holistic sanctuary for your mind, body, and spirit. Our fragrances are what makes us special!

Explore The Design

At Donna Wright Designs, our decorative scented candles with wooden wicks embody the French country aesthetic, offering a romantic feel and accentuating any home. Hand-poured in small batches, our candles are crafted with wood wicks, coco apricot creme wax, and all-natural fragrance and essential oils. Furthermore, they are packaged in reusable soft frosted glass vessels with rustic pine wood lids that are adorned with an antique wax logo stamp and velvet or silk ribbon.

Finally, our commitment to sustainability means our packaging remains with our richly scented candles to enhance your home and surroundings. What makes us special is our product design!


Explore The Ingredients

We hand-pour our richly scented candles with wooden wicks at Donna Wright Designs, using coco apricot creme wax. This vegan, non-toxic, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and FDA-approved wax is superior for creating highly fragrant, clean-burning, and long-lasting candles.

With a luxury 12% fragrance load and a heat antioxidant to prevent discoloration, our richly scented candles truly enhance your surroundings with a luxurious level of fragrance & visual impact. Additionally, our wooden wicks create a relaxing sound effect that adds to the ambiance of the candle. Our ingredients are what makes us special!