What’s New at the Farmhouse?

Donna Wright - blog page for Donna Wright Designs.

The school has just ended, and the weather is warming up! Summer has almost arrived, and so has the abundant crop of cherry tomatoes, aubergines, kumquats, and herbs. But what has been on our minds most is making candles! Our new candle store, two years in the making, has finally launched, and we are so excited to share it with you! The store was opened after several years of hardship (my youngest daughter Claire had bone cancer), but it brought us to a place to heal and share memories doing something we loved! We wanted to make beautiful candles with wood wicks that were notably fragrant. We wanted the candles to look amazing, but not just have a pretty box that was thrown away! We also wanted to make natural candles that were sustainable and responsibly sourced. So that’s what we have been focused on for now! We hope that your love what we’ve created!